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Dulini Leadwood


Western Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Leadwood Private Game Lodge now boasts four newly constructed Leadwood Lodge Suites, epitomizing, luxury with distinctive en-suite bathrooms that provide all the comforts and pampering that people have come to associate with going on safari
Each suite at Leadwood Private Game Lodge has a private infinity pool, wrapped around by a wooden deck and cupped by a granite wall, which comes alive with a fine spray.

The lodge is a tactile mix of boldly expressed and contrasted materials-crushed stone, raw cement, dark meranti, rough granite, glass and air. Soft furnishings provide a lush and colourful counterpoint to the textures and patinas of the structure. Leadwood’s four suites are distanced to offer solitude and serenity. Distinctive en-suite bathrooms provide all the comforts and pampering that you may desire.

Lodge Type: Premier



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